[Infographic] 5 Reasons Why ColdFusion Is Still Good For Creating Web Based Application

There is a lot of talk about ColdFusion lately as the platform seems to come back in the favors of many developers. ColdFusion allows you to do more with less in a competitive and fast changing environment. Here’s why ColdFusion is still an excellent choice for creating web-based applications.

ColdFusion is optimized for rapid development of web and mobile applications ColdFusion is not just a programming language, it’s a platform that allows developers to quickly focus on what they need to build, allowing them to deliver faster and better. One can easily operate at a higher level of detail.

Compatible with Java

Java is still omnipresent on the web and ColdFusion runs on top of Java and allows you to use existing Java code.

Great tooling

Developers have access to numerous ColdFusion Open Source libraries and projects. There are also numerous IDEs available. Many more open source frameworks are available to use.

It’s scalable

Massive systems can be built with ColdFusion as the platform is scalable and can really handle a heavy load. ColdFusion is perfect for creating web apps that will receive extreme surge loads.

Easy to integrate with other technologies

New software needs to be integrated into old software. With ColdFusion you can not only integrate software with other technologies, but you can also maintain those integrations cost-effectively.

ColdFusion allows companies to build better systems with lower resources, without compromising on quality. If you want to know more about what you can do with ColdFusion.


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